Helicopter Add-ons and Transition Training

It has been said that a good pilot is always learning and perhaps you’re looking for a new challenge to add to your logbook. A great opportunity is available in the field of helicopter flying, whether it’s for pleasure or the various career opportunities available for helicopter pilots. Helicopter flying presents various forms of freedom not commonly available to fixed wing pilots.

Helicopter Transition TrainingTo add-on a helicopter rating to your existing fixed-wing pilot’s license you need to complete a minimum of 30 hours of training as outlined in FAR part 61.109. These 30 hours consists of 20 hours dual helicopter instruction and 10 hours of solo helicopter flights. Most fixed-wing pilots acquire their helicopter rating add-on with an average of 35 hours of training prior to taking their check-ride. Since you already have an existing pilot’s license, you will not need to take a written FAA test again but upon finishing your training you will be completing an oral and flight performance review with a designated examiner. Once you have acquired your helicopter rating, at Elite we are able to provide additional training such as instrument, turbine, long-line training and more.

Sample Private Pilot Cost Outline

FAA Minimum Requirement: 40 hours.
Prices listed at block rates.
Hours Price Elite Cost

Flight Training (dual) 20 $280 $5,600

Solo Flying 10 $220 $2,200

1-on-1 Ground School 15 $60 $900

Insurance Fees – 1yr $500 $500

Recommended Books & Materials $211 $211

Totals $9,411
This sample is based on typical costs for the holder of an existing Airplane Private Pilot Certificate with a current flight status.

Our fleet consists of Robinson R22 Beta II’s, R44 Raven II’s, and Bell 206B III JetRanger and a Cirrus SR22 G2 all available at the lowest rates on the west coast. If you are currently instrument, commercial, or instructor rated for fixed wing, these additional ratings can also be added to your helicopter license with additional training.

We encourage you to continue to expand your flying career and would like you to consider Elite Helicopters for your training and helicopter needs.