• Introductory Flight Offer

    Try an Introductory Flight
    for only $99

    Ideal for someone who has always wanted to fly, or as a unique gift for that special someone. Come spend an hour with one of our FAA certified flight instructors. We will guide you through every step of the way; and you'll be smiling the whole time! This is the best way to see if flying is for you. Upon completion of your introductory flight you will receive the necessary FAR endorsements for flying Robinson R22 aircraft during your training.

    • Introduction to awareness training
    • Overview of preflight procedures
    • You’ll get to fly the helicopter on your first flight (approximately 25-30min. flight time)
    • Learn about basic operations of a helicopter

    We will log your introductory lesson, and it will count toward the hours for obtaining your pilot's certificate! Get Ready - once you have experienced the freedom of flight we are sure that you will be hooked for life!

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    Note: This offer is not intended as a helicopter ride/tour but as an introduction to flight training.

  • CFI & CFII Training

    You’re now a commercial pilot with a 150 hours of total flight time. What to do now? Although you have a commercial helicopter license, reality is your still In the eyes of the helicopter world a low time pilot. Most helicopter companies have minimum hiring requirements usually around 1000 hours of helicopter PIC time. Most pilots get to this magic number of a 1000 hours by becoming a Certified Flight Instructor “CFI”, which is usually a pilots first job as a professional helicopter pilot. While acting as a CFI, the flight instructor is able to log all the flight instruction given, as PIC time making it possible to acquire the 1000 hours of flight time you’ll need to get your first job outside of the flight training environment.

    Getting your flight Instructor license is probably one of the most rewarding ratings you can get. There’s an old saying that goes “you really don’t understand something until your able to teach it.” When you go through our CFI training course you will have a greater understanding of everything you’ve leaned so that you will be able to teach your students to the highest standards possible.

    Eligibility requirements

    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language
    • Hold a commercial or ATP certificate


    The FARs don’t have an exact total amount of flight hours needed to become a flight instructor, but FAR 61.183 (c) States that the pilot must hold a commercial pilot certificate to obtain your flight instructor rating. Although there is no time requirement

    The average student takes about 10 – 20 hours of additional instruction to get 100% prepared to take a CFI checkride.

    Sample CFI Cost Outline Sample CFII Cost Outline
    Hours Price Cost Hours Price Cost

    Flight Training (dual R22) 10 $280 $2,800 Flight Training (dual R44) 4 $480 $1,920

    1-on-1 Ground School 30 $60 $1,800 1-on-1 Ground School 10 $60 $600

    Insurance Fees – 1yr (if not already insured with
    $500 $500 Insurance Fees – 1yr (if not already insured with
    $500 $500

    Recommended Books & Materials $150 $150 Recommended Books & Materials
    $150 $150

    Totals $5,250 Totals $3,170

    Stage 1

    Objective- The pilot will be introduced to the fundamentals of instructing.

    • 10 hrs flight training
    • 10 hrs ground instruction – to include
    1. Intro to FOI’s “fundamentals of instruction”
    2. Preparing CFI lesson plans
    3. Beginning stages of classroom and flight instruction

    Completion standards- the pilot will have an in depth understanding in teaching all basic maneuvers to a commercial level while giving positive instruction.

    Stage 2

    Objective- The pilot will be introduced to teaching advanced maneuvers.

    • 5 hrs flight training
    • 5 hrs ground instruction – to include
    1. Preparing and teaching lessons
    2. Autorotations
    3. Advanced maneuvers and autorotations

    Completion standards- The pilot will have an in depth understanding in preparing and teaching lessons and all related advanced maneuvers to a commercial level while giving positive instruction.

    Stage 3

    Objective- The pilot will continue on teaching lessons, while fine tuning all maneuvers as necessary and complete 2 to 3 hours of flight training on full down autorotations.

    • 5hrs flight training
    • 5hrs ground instruction – to include
    1. Preparing for the FAA CFI checkride
    2. Continue teaching lessons on all related material
    3. Full down autorotaions

    Completion standards – The pilot will be able to teach all related flight and ground material to a commercial level while giving positive instruction. The pilot will have a in depth understanding of all related ground and flight maneuvers and will be 100% ready to pass a CFI checkride.