Los Angeles Helicopter Flight Training School

Helicopter Flight Training BooksAs the leader in flight training in the Los Angeles area, Elite Helicopter Tours and Flight Training (Elite), is committed to providing each student with the best equipment and services available today. Our facility in Van Nuys California offers state of the art equipment including Robinson R22 Beta II’s, Robinson R44 Raven II’s, Bell 206, Flyit Simulator, and a High Performance Cirrus SR22 for fixed wing training. Each of Elite’s Flight Instructors are high time, motivated individuals who are focused on providing “Elite” class training. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere while turning out quality pilots.

Whether your goal is a career in aviation or you just want to be a weekend pilot, Elite has a program custom tailored to your needs. Please contact one of our representatives for more specifics on training or check the rates in each section for our various training courses.

At Elite Helicopter Tours we give our students a distinct advantage in the employment market by offering special areas of instruction, starting with private license, progressing to instrument rating, and commercial add-on CFI and CFII. We offer other courses, such as mountain training and long-line training, as well as instruction for pilots interested in working in aerial photography and filming. We offer these courses to both new students and experienced helicopter pilots looking to improve the quality of their resume and improve on their skills.

Elite’s 2014 Rates

Block Rate Non-Block Rate

Robinson R-22 Beta II $220 $240

Robinson R-44 Raven II $420 $440

Cirrus SR22 G2 $265 $285

Bell 206 BIII JetRanger $770 $795

Instruction $60 $60

The Natural course for most individuals interested in making a career of flying is to progress from introductory student training, and then gain a commercial pilot’s rating. Once experience has grown and our students want the next challenge most students will add an instrument rating to their existing pilots license. For credibility and since most aviation jobs hire pilots with moderate experience, most pilots with then obtain a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating and even Instrument Instructor (CFII) rating which will allow them to build time and add to their portfolio of experience. Aviation is a lot of fun and it’s been said that “a good pilot is always learning” so most of our students will want to add turbine, long-line/vertical, aerial video/photo, and night operations training to their resume as well. At Elite we want to offer our students various opportunities to help them grow their log books so that they can build upon their flying legacy.