Private Pilot Helicopter Training

Medical Requirements: 3rd class or better prior to solo(click here for details)

We’re excited to welcome anyone that has a distinct interest in aviation and thus earning your private pilot’s license. Obtaining your private pilot’s certificate is the first step towards building on your passion of aviation whether it is for your personal love of aviation as a hobby or potentially growing a lucrative career as a helicopter pilot. At Elite Helicopter Tours we strive to offer the best training possible while providing a fun and safe learning experience at the same time.

Before starting any form of training, it is important to count the cost. For most students who have not had any flying experience, a private pilot’s license requires 40 hours of training. On average, most private pilots students will acquire their license after 53 hours of training. To receive the most benefit from your training, we recommend that you fly 3 to 5 times per week. Flying more frequently will reduce the cost of training as well. At Elite Helicopter Tours we make flying fun and affordable thanks to our fleet of Robinson R-22 Beta II helicopters which renowned as the safest and most affordable trainers in the industry. Our helicopters are well maintained thanks to our in-house mechanic who ensures that our aircraft are always available for our students training needs.

Sample Private Pilot Cost Outline

FAA Minimum Requirement: 40 hours.
Prices listed at block rates.

Hours Price Elite Cost

Flight Training (dual) 30 $280 $8,400

Solo Flying 10 $220 $2,200

1-on-1 Ground School 20 $60 $1,200

Insurance Fees – 1yr $500 $500

Recommended Books & Materials $461 $461

Totals $12,761
This is the first step in your adventure and all you need if your goal is simply to fly for fun. Take your family and friends for an amazing flight! Travel in style and avoid congested traffic. Your private pilot license is the first step to obtaining a commercial pilot license.

While engaging in your training, Elite provides additional one-on-one ground schooling to help our students learn the fundamentals of aviation along the way in order to pass the written FAA test . We take pride in our students and their success is our success which adds to our excellent reputation. We are based at Van Nuys Airport which is located in sunny Southern California. Our location provides close proximity to other well known airports such as Burbank and Santa Monica airport as well as Malibu beaches and Hollywood which provide a diverse learning environment as well as great scenery during your training. The local airspace also allows for training to work in and around Class B Airspace which surround the nation’s busiest airports and fly in proximity to larger aircraft. California offers all sorts of terrain for your training raining from valleys, to high altitude mountains to urban jungles which all add to the fun of flying. We encourage you to pursue an aviation education and experience the Elite difference. Feel free to stop by our office so you can meet our staff, check out our fleet of aircraft, ask questions and perhaps even take an introductory flight.

Private Pilot License Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be 16 years old to solo & become a student pilot.
  • You must be 17 years old to take the check ride.
  • You must be able to read, write, understand & speak English.
  • You must visit an FAA Flight Surgeon, pass a medical exam, and hold an FAA medical certificate prior to your first solo.
  • You must fly at least 40 hours and complete the aeronautical requirements.
  • You must complete a course of ground instruction with a certified flight or ground instructor.
  • You must receive a grade of 70% or better on the “FAA Private Pilot Helicopter Written Knowledge Test.”
  • You must pass an FAA oral and practical flight test with an FAA Designated Examiner (check ride).
  • Weight limits of 240lbs for piloting R22.